(Mike Baillie,) Flavio Barbiero, Alfred de Grazia, Amanda Laoupi, Scott Mainwaring, Trevor Palmer, Vladimir Rubtsov, Ami de Grazia, Chris Meyer-Rudolphi
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Doomsday cults and recent quantavolutions;  Gods in heaven, havoc on Earth-Ancient Greek and sanskrit parallels of comet/gods; The 2345 BC topic; Units of time; Tree-rings and plagues; Tree-rings, Celtic mythology and astronomical events; Volcanic landscapes in Mediterranean disaster mythology...
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Athens, October 2011...

When, last April, we scheduled our Conference of Quantavolution 2011 to take place in Athens, we were well aware that the political situation might confront us with disruptions and unexpected problems. Yet, given the general situation, we also knew that virtually no place which we were willing to consider, in Europe or around the Mediterranean, could guarantee the absence of such. Nor was there any reason why we, a stalwart little group of scholars, should be afraid of suffering the, likely  modest, upheavals to which over three million inhabitants of the Athens urban area would be exposed. However puny our contribution, we strongly support the Greek people, who remain dependent on their tourist industry. We were not alone in this. In the Greek islands, despite the negative publicity, the number of visitors was up 10% this past summer.

The arrival of our participants was disturbed by air traffic controllers' strikes, such as are not uncommon in Europe,  and with more cooperation from Air France, which failed to reschedule Mike Baillie properly, there would have occurred no damage to our conference.  We stayed in one of the loveliest corner of Athens, at the foot of the Acropolis, close to the monument of Lysikratos. The view from the roof-terrasse of Hotel Phaedra is like no other, and encompasses not only the Rock itself, up-close, but also the columns of the Temple of Zeus Olympian, the Arch of Hadrian, Mount Hymettos and the Lycabetos hill, the gardens of the church of Aghia Ekhaterini with palm trees and antique columns, and the roofs of the old quarter of Plaka. We assembled in a conference room at the Hotel Parthenon, close-by.  We were half a mile away from the epicenter of political activity, Syntagma (Constitution) Square in front of the Greek Parliament, and we were able to carry on with our own  quantavolutionary activities in undisturbed peace.

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