Ami de Grazia

At the New Acropolis Museum Restaurant: Chris, Maria, Scott Mainwaring, Ami de Grazia (picture: Flavio Barbiero)

Ami (Anne-Marie) de Grazia

Born Anne-Marie Hueber November 17, 1948, in Mulhouse, France.
Studied at Université de Strasbourg.
Published her first novel at age 23 with Editions du Seuil in Paris.
Prix Jules-Favre awarded by Académie Française.
Médaille d'Honneur de la Ville de Mulhouse.
Met Alfred de Grazia in 1977 and has been living with him ever since (they were married in 1982).
Published three more novels at Editions du Seuil.
Makes translations between French, English and German.
Speaks Alemannic.

Organizes the Conferences of Quantavolution
Creates the websites of the Conferences of Quantavolution
Executive publisher of Metron Publications
Executive manager of "The Living Archives Project"

* Websites

Conferences of Quantavolution

Kandersteg, Switzerland, 2007
Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris, 2008
Kandersteg, Switzerland, 2009
Villaines-la-Gonais, France, 2010

Living-Archives Conference

Villaines-la-Gonais, France 2011


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